22 July, 2012

The Lorax Premier - From The Orange Carpet

The sun was out and orange with a dash of yellow was the color of the day. We've seen red carpets, we've even seen green, but the bright orange one, signifying the color of the film, welcomed everyone at the entrance of Birmingham Cineworld who were hosting the premier of the new animation, Lorax, based on the ever famous Dr. Seuss book. The event was also the very first UK premier for a film outside of London.

The event was beautifully organized with gracious hosts and a sense of joy and laughter all around with the Lorax character dancing and mingling on the carpet along with balloon makers and face painters. My sources inside the theater, wife and daughter, informed me the ambience was that of fun and frolic with cupcakes, candy-floss, sweets, Lorax mustaches, along with other goodies, in abundance to keep the young and the young-at-heart pleasantly satisfied.

Emile Heskey, Danielle Lloyd, members of the American Olympic Team, and Joe Egan were among the celebrities who walked down the orange carpet. Joe Egan, who has acted in the Sherlock Holmes films along with a part in the Indian film Ra.One epitomizes the "big lovable" character especially when he said one of his dreams was to walk down the red carpet with his mum. Called "the toughest white man on the planet" by Mike Tyson he modestly talked about how he's enjoying and loving slowly but surely rising up in the entertainment business making a name and mark for himself and can be seen next in the film Crying Wolf.

As expected, the arrival of Danny DeVito was greeted with unanimous cheering from all the fans present around the carpet. A legendary actor, he met with his fans and members of the press with the same kind of excitement and enthusiasm only a newcomer promoting his first movie has. Visiting Birmingham for the first time he was quick to point out that the much needed sunshine probably had something to do with the "Lorax" being in town. Crediting the entire team of the movie including producers, writers, and animators, he spoke about doing the voice for the movie in Russian, German, Spanish, and Italian himself. On stage, he emphasized the message that Lorax gives and how it is important that "if you see somebody abusing something, stop 'em".

I do hope that having the first ever UK premier of a major movie outside of London starts a new trend. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all present especially the children. You can watch a video I made of my daughter about her experience on her return below. Both my wife and my daughter enjoyed the film and the orange Lorax 3D glasses for the children were a nice little addition to the goodie bag.

I would also like to thank the wonderful people at DDA PR and Prepared PR who organized my very first press pass which I will cherish forever.  


  1. Great post, Raghav!

    It looked like a great day out and no doubt that the sunshine added to the fun times had by all. I think that the photos looked great, you had a great position on the Orange carpet!

    1. Thanks Russell. I caught him on his way out for the close-up photographs. But managed to record him speak about the film on my recorder which was nice. Fun and recommended experience.

  2. I loved the movie and its theme 'tree-hugging' is such a wonderful thing to follow. The photos look bright and vibrant. Good one :)

    1. Cheers! Although I didn't watch the film, my wife and daughter enjoyed it. But in general all of The books and their adaptations come with a moral behind them. Great for kids.